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About Us

GTS Company

Is one of the biggest companies working in the import of decoration materials in the Middle East companies, the first in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the company has emerged since more than ten years in Egypt and worked on the importation of ceilings and walls also all decorative materials so the company has expanded and afford to create a new branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ..
Featuring GTS company specialized technicians strongly in the public fixtures and finishes for walls and ceilings and walls as GTS is characterized as a pioneer in the Arab world a global company in the field of decorative bishop
We have many branches around the world and are ready to implement all our business in most Arab countries The main branch in Cairo, Egypt. plus a range of agents all over Arab countries

About Us

Our Specialties

  • Decoration designs and finishes
  • French bishops
  • Transparent bright bishops
  • Alklapso printed bishops
  • 3D walls
  • 3D kitchens
  • parquet floors
  • 3D floors
  • Metalic epoxy floors

Our work strategy

We are implementing a new concept of the internal design of the apartments and villas, galleries, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and pharmacies and clinics and complete malls and other by implementing designs based on the foundations and dimensions and developed to meet the functional needs of the place with the latest global trims and suitable for all levels and prices high quality ores costed in advance
We are three-dimensional ( 3D ) design and display a model of the design and internal decoration and furniture of the facility and presented to the client prior to implementation and discuss all matters with the client before execution to draw your dreams and you're making on the ground and implement all what has been agreed upon
Implement designs that are selected according to their function according to the best processes and methods of installation, we have a large group of brilliant to satisfy all tastes designs
We have a specialized team in the implementation of all the highest and finest designs and at affordable prices to the level of all levels


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